Please note that we have sold our former studio space, and therefore, this company is currently not in operation. We plan to purchase or build a new studio space in the winter of 2018-2019, and will resume regular business operations at that point. Thanks for your patience!

  • Audio Production

    A full service recording studio space, suitable for creating everything from advertising jingles to full studio albums.
  • Video Production

    On or off-site, we can record and produce your presentations for DVD or online distribution. High definition video, without high prices.
  • Internet & Rich Media

    If you have just about any audio-visual needs, talk to us. We have experience in many diverse aspects of A/V work, including internet distribution.

Video Tutorials

  • Audio Mixer Basics
    In this video, Jonathan Clark (DJ Bolivia) discusses basic functions of audio mixers. He starts by talking about the Pioneer DJM-600, to illustrate a number of basic mixer concepts. He then goes on to explain the differences between the Pioneer mixer and a couple of other DJ mixers. Further into the video, he talks about a couple of "live sound" mixers, and explains some of the different functions on those mixers that are more suited to a live performance approach with bands, or recording studio use.
  • Warping in Ableton
    This is a video designed to teach one specific production skill: warping tracks for the purpose of DJ'ing with Ableton Live. It is a very detailed examination that predominantly focuses on warping dance tracks, along with a number of examples to make the viewer more familiar and comfortable with the whole process. The skills taught in this video can also be useful in some forms of music production.
  • Modifying Pitch Faders
    This video will teach you how to modify the pitch faders on a Technics SL-1200 Turntable. There are several reasons you might want to do this: either as part of regular maintenance, to replace an MKII style with an M3D style fader, or to remove the "center spot." If you own a Technics deck, this video will certainly teach you a bit about the insides of your turntable.
  • Self-Grounding Turntables
    This video shows you how to self-ground your Technics 1200-series turntable, so you no longer need to attach a grounding wire to the mixer. No more feedback or annoying hum from improperly grounded turntables! This series will show any competent home-repair buff how to do the job yourself and save a significant "upgrade" fee, with just a milk crate, phillips screwdriver, wire strippers (or knife), and a soldering iron.

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