Video Editing and Production Information:

A quick overview:

Thirteen Towers has all the facilities needed for full-scale digital video filming, editing, and production. In addition to older analog equipment that is nowadays mainly used for archiving historical information, we have top-of-the-line Sony digital video recorders. All video is then edited and processed on state-of-the-art Pentium 4 computer workstations, and the final product can be output for web in a variety of formats (RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG, etc.), or stored on VHS tape, CD-ROM, or DVD. We regularly use an outside contractor for large-scale production runs on all media storage types, and handle small production runs in-house. In addition to the above equipment, we have a complete audio recording studio which is used to provide audio tracks for some of our video products. Keep on reading for more information on various specific products that we can provide:

Photo Montages converted to DVD:

If you've got a lot of photos that you want to make fresh and exciting, why not set them to video? We can scan your old photographs or even slides and set them to music. This kind of project is great for showing off historical archives, or eliminating the need for inconvenient slide projectors and making your favorite pictures available to a wider audience. This kind of product can also be used as a great birthday or graduation gift for a loved one. You can put together a pictoral montage of someone's life, complete with interviews from family members and friends - a gift that they'll never forget! Our family-based video montages are very popular for use as Christmas, Graduation, and Wedding Anniversary gifts. We also produce video shorts of pets, which is another popular product. Click here to visit a page which allows you to download one of our short example video montages of a family pet.

Pricing: Varies depending on complexity of the product. A basic montage (you supply the pictures) is priced at $150 base rate for the first three minutes, plus $24 per additional minute running length (plus HST).

Corporate Films:

Is your company looking for a simple and easy way to communicate information to customers, employees, or third parties? Perhaps you want to create a comprehensive job training source? Video training is an ideal way to deal with training for highly organized, repetitive, or specific job tasks, such as working in a manufacturing environment, or many areas within the service industry. Maybe you want to enhance your current safety program with the development of a videos or training courses that illustrate certain aspects of your safety program? Perhaps you are looking for something more general, such as a brief promotional video that introduces your company to new customers, suppliers, bankers, the community, or other external stakeholders? No matter what the background, we can help you out! We can produce videos ranging in length from a couple minutes to a couple hours, and our project managers will work closely with you to ensure that the content delivers exactly the message that you want to convey. Whether you're looking at a project designed to eventually help your bottom line, or simply promote your company to potential investors, we are ready to assist you.

Pricing: Varies based upon your exact product requirements. After consultation, we can provide a free estimate in writing that we will guarantee for a period of thirty days. Contact us in person for more details.

Personal Resumes:

Are you looking for a way to distinguish yourself from the crowds during a job search, and show that you're the best candidate for the position? Or are you a student applying for grad school scholarships, and need to present your application material in the most professional manner possible? Either way, interactive resumes are an increasingly utilized technology that can give you the edge you need. Introduce yourself before the interview, so that the reviewers know a bit about you. Whether you are applying for a scholarship or looking for new employment opportunities, you might want to include personal interviews, reference interviews, and samples of some of your previous work. The inexpensive investment you make in this product can repay itself many times over!

Pricing: $699.00 (plus HST) for the complete package, up to thirty minutes in length. We film the interviews, and put the overall package together. If you have still photographs or other works to be included (perhaps audio files for musicians, or sample computer files for many other types of applications), you supply them and we will convert them to the proper media forms and incorporate them into the end product. For more information, contact us in person.

Music Videos:

With the growth of cable, television, and specialty music channels, any band that wants to have an effective presence in the industry must make videos to accompany their music. Unfortunately, even very-low budget videos have traditionally cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. Thirteen Towers, however, can put together a professional looking music video at a fraction of that cost. The only thing that you have to supply is the band, and tell us roughly what you want for a concept, and we'll work out the technical details.

Pricing: Varies depending on complexity of the product. Contact us in person for more details.

Promotional Shorts:

This type of product is great for schools, municipalities, corporations, tourist attractions, or any other organizations or entities that want to communicate their features or benefits to an external audience.

Pricing: Varies based upon your exact product requirements. After consultation, we can provide a free estimate in writing that we will guarantee for a period of thirty days. Contact us in person for more details.

Television Commercials:

Not only are television commercials for wide-area broadcast a great way to attract attention, they can also be used on location. Imagine the sales gains you will realize just by positioning a television in your store, with a continuous loop commercial or series of commercials talking about in-store specials, featured items, etc. We have the experience to produce everything from standard fifteen- and thirty-second television commercials, to half hour and longer info-mercials.

Pricing: Varies based upon your exact product requirements. After consultation, we can provide a free estimate in writing that we will guarantee for a period of thirty days. Contact us in person for further details.

Other Products:

As you can see from the above information, we have the capability to film, edit, and produce a large variety of video-related projects. If you have a project in mind and it doesn't exactly fit into any of the above categories, don't worry! Give us a call to discuss specifics of what you have in mind, and we provide the advice to let you know what is possible, and we'll try to let you know what the best way is to turn your ideas into reality! We provide free estimates on potential projects, which are valid for thirty days.