About Thirteen Towers and our Production Team

Thirteen Towers was originally incorporated in 1998 under the name Tintamarre Enterprises. For over ten years, the Thirteen Towers studio located on Avard Place in Sackville, New Brunswick, was a facility which assisted a large number of small clients with projects of almost every aspect related to audio or video recording and production.

In April of 2010, the former studio space on Avard Place was sold, and Thirteen Towers entered a period of dormancy. The current plan is to purchase or build a new studio in the fall of 2014, in one of four locations that are currently under consideration: Sackville (NB), Tatamagouche (NS), Port Elgin (NB), or Vancouver Island (BC). At that time, we will resume business activities and start accepting projects from clients once again.

Jonathan Clark is the owner/operator of Thirteen Towers Studios. Jonathan has more than a decade of practical experience in website design, and more than twenty years of experience in advanced photography, audio production, video production, and computer programming. Jonathan developed most of his studio skills while working on a pair of Masters programs in music from the Berklee School of Music (Boston). In addition, Jonathan holds both a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Masters in Business Administration degree.

Here is a short biography video about Jonathan Clark: