Audio Recording and Production:

Thirteen Towers Studios has extensive experience in recording small and medium sized groups, giving you professional quality recordings at reasonable rates. Our studios have an extensive array of equipment and capabilities:

  • We use a Mackie CR1604-VLZ sixteen-channel mixer, paired with a Yamaha EMX 5000 sixteen+2 channel powered mixer.
  • Digital editing is done using using a Pentium 4 workstation, and various audio editing programs (predominantly Cakewalk's Sonar, Adobe's Audition, Propellerheads' Reason, Ableton Live, and Steinberg's Cubase).
  • Our studio is capable of accommodating moderately large groups, such as an eight to ten-piece band, or small choir.
  • We have multi-track recording capabilities in a digital environment, with non-linear editing.
  • We have post-recording effects-processing capabilities, with digitally enhanced 16 or 32 bit recording.
  • We can accommodate both acoustic and electric guitars and bass guitars, drum kits, brass and woodwinds, and many other types of instrumentation.
  • Musicians are normally expected to provide their own instruments, although a range of quality backup instruments may be available.
  • We can record "electronica" or DJ mixes, with Pioneer DJM-600 or Allen & Heath Xone 62/4D mixers, Technics T1200 M3D turntables, CDJ-2000's, etc.
  • We have experienced audio technicians to perform recording, editing, sequencing, mastering, and other tasks.
  • We can output your work on cassette, CD, Redbook, DVD, MP3, Wave files, RealMedia streaming files, and many other formats.


Recording/Mixing/Editing/Mastering: $26.80 per hour (plus HST).
Non-specialized technicial rates (duplication, etc.): $16.25 per hour (plus HST).
Discounts on day-rates available: $215.00 per 10 hour day (plus HST), a savings of over $50!!

Please contact our head audio specialist, Jonathan Clark, for more information:

Musicians who have recorded at Thirteen Towers include the following published individual artists & groups:

Pat Scott, Dogman Don't, River Right, Gerry Oaktree Seven, Allison Lickley, Alex Fawcett, Selkie, Andrew Gautreau, Quest, The Joey Cooke Band, Roch Hipster, The Bontempi Minstrels, Matt Harpell, Sally Wilson, Poor Tom, SMAC, Darren Melanson, Steve MacMillan, Paul Maybee, Touched By An Uncle, Loose Gravel, Troy Nickerson & Kyle McDavid, J.F. Coley, Orjazzm, TBA, Josh McWilliam, Gertie, Nate Cline, Two Guys a Girl and a Bongo, 10 Cent Wings, Jon Epworth, Mike Allison, Chesterfield, Your Real Parents, Best of Luck, and many more!!